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Bio-Catolet recycled cat litter has been sold in the UK for over 30 years, always offering high performance and excellent value for money

Bio-Catolet Recycled Paper Cat Litter

Why use Bio-Catolet

Bio-Catolet performance came out with excellent results in the Oko test (the European equivalent of Which).
100% recycled paper
No landfill or disturbing Mother Earth
Light to carry
Lasts longer than other cat litters
12lt =7/10days  25lt = 20/24days
Built in winter and summer perfumes
Contains a flea deterrent (veg based)
A brand pet owners trust
Absorbs 250% of its own weight
Suitable for other small animals
Value for money
100% biodegradable
60% lighter than clay
30% lighter than wood
Sold in the UK for over 30 years

Bio-Catolet is available in 12 litre and 25 litre bag sizes. We make every effort to ensure the bag production, like the Cat Litter is where possible recycled.

The string that is used for the stitches in the bag is 100% recycled
Outer bag is 100% recycled paper as is the folded paper handle
The inner brown bag is 85% recycled and no more to insure the bag stays strong for carrying
All inks are water based and no UV varnish or toxic material is used in the production of this bag
When the finished product is packed on the wooden pallets for delivery even the pallet wrap is 70% recycled plastic
The glue used to secure the bag at the base is non-toxic and not animal-based

Thank you to our loyal customers and their happy cats. Read some of our fantastic customer comments below.

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If you find that your normal supplier does not stock Bio-Catolet cat litter. Please see the list of stockists, or get in touch.

A list of a few stockists

Pets at Home - Nationwide
Sainsburys - Nationwide
B&M Retail - Nationwide
Ocado & Booth Stores
Morrisons Stores (online)
Vital Group wholesalers
Cat Protection & RSPCA
Pet Express - Plymouth
Coombs – Brighton
Gatleys – Sussex
Scampers – Ely
Bath Cats & Dogs rescue
SPH Supply – Devon
G & M Gowers – Bedford
Liverpool Cat Rescue
National Vet Services – Stoke
Su – Bridge – Thetford
Suma Wholefoods – Leeds
Shropshire & Worcs Cat Protection
Pet Price - Portsmouth
Park Pets - Bath
Mid Kent Pet Foods - Aylesford
Pads and Paws - Paignton
... and all good wholesalers or just ask in your local pet shop
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